Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bye Bye Short Wall

In this old home there are a lot of little things that really could use some renovations.  There are the kitchen cabinets that need a serious update, both bathrooms could use overhauls, we need a new banister, the front porch needs replacing.  I could go on and on.  But there are a few projects small enough to tackle in a day or two. 

One of them is the strange short wall in the family room.  

This picture was taken days after moving in, so pardon the mess.  That's my Little Adventurer in the foreground.  We imagine, based on the position of the window, that the short wall was a part of the room when the room was built.  This room is an addition on the house built in the 1950s.  Above it is the master bedroom.  We think it was likely a closet that the previous owners did not use and had thus taken off the doors.  The previous owners actually used this room as a breakfast room so I wonder if they had a hutch or something similar in this corner? In any case they didn't seem to feel the need to knock down the short wall, so here it stands.

Or stood, until few days ago.

It needs a serious patch job, but as we are weekend warriors, or sometimes after the kids are in bed warriors, we haven't gotten to it yet.  It's a beautiful sight, no?  I wish that the window was centered on the wall, but I'm sure with a few decorating slights of hand, I can make the off centered window hardly noticeable.  But you'll have to stick around and read about that another day!  As you can see I've already updated the window treatments.  I'm not sure if I'm done with them of not, we'll see!

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