Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dining Room Sneak Peak

The first room in the house that we will have finished is the dining room.  We tackled it first because it's small and also because it's one of the front rooms.  We hoped to do the living room and the dining room at the same time, but an electrical obstacle has made us put off redoing the living room until our electrician can do the necessary work in there.

Here is a picture of our dining room just after we moved in.  cringing a little
 Yes, it's very cluttered, but you can see the cobalt blue walls below the chair rail, the gray-blue carpet, the very 80s chandelier.  It was the same style my Dad put in our dining room in 1989 - only ours was uglier, if you can believe that.  It was brown tinted glass instead of colorless. Eeew.

Here is your sneak peak into what it looks like now.  Drum roll.....

The floor looks better than I expected.  We pulled up the carpets one night after the boys where in bed and this is what we found.  They do need refinishing, but not bad for being under carpet for 25 years or more, eh?

Very soon I'll be making roman shades for the windows and I will recover the chairs.  I have a few more wall hangings to go up too.

Imagine these windows dressed in yellow damask!

Imagine this fixture replaced.  Don't know what is going there, but it'll be a far cry from this!

It's very exciting be so close to having a room in our house done!  When it's finished I'll be sure to post more pictures.

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  1. this is very nice Deborah! I'm looking forward to seeing more of you home and life here. Love you loads!