Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Paint Colors

With the obtrusive light fixture in the living room finally removed I'm getting excited about painting in the near future.  After the paint is up, the carpets are going away, and then the decorating begins!  I've been waiting to start in on this room since the day we bought the house.  It will be so nice to finally start!

Here are the paint colors I've picked out 

Sherwin-Williams Useful Gray (SW7050)
The above will be on all the walls in the living room.

Sherwin-Williams Analytical Gray and Nuance 
These two colors are the same colors I used in the dining room, and I've also used them as an accent wall of sorts in the living room in the stairwell going on up into the upstairs hall.  You might remember my inspiration room from my last post.  Instead of going with blue, I chose gray because I'm totally in love with it right now.  I think it plays nicely with the bright blues and greens I will add to the living room, and it already looks great with the yellows in the dining room... but more on that another day. ;)

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