Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Updates and More Updates

As I noted in my last post, the last couple of weeks have had our little house turned upside down.  We added a few changes to the house that should make a big difference in the Little Stone Cape. 

Prerequisite Electric Work

First we had our electric updated to a 200 amp service.  Over the course of a few days we got a new electric panel, a new meter outside, we added a new outlet outside our front door, we took out very old wiring to a built-in light fixture panel that ran across the top of two walls in the living room, and changed out two outlets in the basement to GFI outlets.  

Hello, AC

Most of the electric work took place two weeks ago.  We needed to get that out of the way to make way for our next big project on our long list: getting central air!  So last week we had a crew in here doing just that.  The house was in total upheaval during that time and for three days the boys and I hung out at my mother-in-law's house (whether she was there or not).  We opted to have the house retrofitted with flexible tube ducts that slipped through our ceilings, walls, and closets.  The air handler was put in the attic and these flexible tubes were piped all across the attic floor going into the ceilings of the second floor rooms.  Then more tubes went into several closets hidden away from sight (later we will dry wall them in so they will be completely enclosed) and those were threaded into the ceilings of first floor.  Most of the rooms have two vents, a couple have three, and the bathroom and kitchen (our smallest rooms), both have one.

We haven't had need to use it yet (the weather has been perfect around here with temperatures hovering in the upper 60s and low 70s) but we did try it out to see how to work our new thermostat, and to see what the airflow was like.  It's very quite and blows nicely. We know it will be well worth it when the summer weather hits.  It gets very hot and humid around here in the summer.

See Ya, Giant Light Fixture!

As for that crazy light fixture in the living room, my husband took care of that last night.  It was a very old fixture that at one time housed a series of florescent lights which I assume illuminated the ceiling and lit the room with a radiant glow.  It appeared that it had been years and years since it had worked, but the previous owners hadn't ever bothered to take the fixture down.  It wasn't doing anything for the room (obviously) so my husband took it down.  Here is what it looked like when we first moved in.  

My husband borrowed his brother's saws-all when he couldn't unscrew it from the walls because the screws were painted over and/or stripped.  He thought he'd have to cut the metal brackets from the wall, but after cutting the length of the board into sections he pulled the brackets (at least the ones on the front wall) from the plaster with such ease he declared that it was held up by magic.  (Yes, we often use Harry Potter allusions in our everyday speech. We're just cool like that)  So we were happy that in the three months we've lived here we didn't have it fall on our heads and electrocute us.  

Here is what it looks like now.  

With the rewiring out of the way and the fixture down, we can finally focus our attention on decorating the living room!  Here is my inspiration room.  I found it on Pintrest and had to track down the original poster so I could see the rest of the room.  Turns out it was designed by CWB Architects in Brooklyn, New York.  My room isn't this big (about half the size), and we don't have a fire place (yet, fingers crossed for a someday project), but hopefully you get the idea.

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