Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Unseen Updates

Two more updates to the Cape were made early this week.  Monday, workers from the gas company came and got us hooked up to the natural gas line.  At the same time more workers from the HVAC company came and dismantled our old oil fueled boiler and replaced it with a new gas fueled one.  Then the next day more workers came and pumped our oil tank dry, then dismantled and carted it off.  I cannot tell you how relieved I am to be rid of the oil tank.  It was so smelly.  Within days the oil smell was gone from our house.  We never were sure where the smell was coming from.  The oil company said there were no spills, the home inspector said there were no leaks.  Who knows?  But it's gone now! 

Our front yard was dug up a bit and isn't looking it's finest, but the now bare patches were seeded and little grass sprouts showed their wee heads just this morning.  In a few weeks hopefully the yard will be back to normal.  

Now onto future changes!  Soon we'll plumb the gas into the kitchen and instal a new gas range which will be the first of many kitchen updates.  And the living room updating continues this week as we'll finish painting.  Hopefully we'll have art up on the walls and the carpets ripped out soon after that.  I'll be posting our progress as we go.  

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