Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Living Room Sneak Peak

I've been dying to share our progress in the living room for some time now, and I really wanted to wait until it was all done and have a grand reveal.  I'm just too antsy to wait anymore since we are so close but we still have more projects to complete.

So here are some more peaks!

The living room

Last you saw, the living room had that weird valance thing taken down and was getting a coat of paint.


Since then, the carpets have come up, the pictures hung, and the curtains sewn and hung.

And here's where we are today...

Still to come, a valance on the front window, a carpet on the floor, books in the bookshelf (lol), a DIY upholstered bench made, and a few more accessories acquired or made.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak.  Next up, the dining room BIG REVEAL!!

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