Sunday, October 21, 2012

Digger Costume Part 2

Halloween Costume Series #7

How to Make a Digger (Excavator) Costume Part 2

I have finished my 2 year old Adventurer's digger costume and it's turned out so well!  You can read all about its construction in my part 1 post.  The whole thing took around 4 hours not including the time it took to research and make the design or the paint dry time.  Allow yourself about 2 days to complete this project if you can only work on it intermittently like me.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Digger Costume Part 1

Halloween Costume Series #6

How to Make a Toddler Digger (Excavator) Costume

Finally I've gotten to the last costume in my series!  My little Adventurer's Digger Costume.  My sweet little Adventurer is 25 months old and is in LOVE with construction work, big equipment, and tools.  We really don't push any stereotypical boy toys or activities, but we let our sons discover this stuff all on their own.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Child's Pirate Vest

Halloween Costume Series #5

Child's Pirate Vest (and sash)

If you're just joining us, I've been blogging for the past week about my homemade Halloween costumes.  This year, my 3 year old is going to be a pirate and I finished his costume just this morning!  It's so cute!!  And guess what?  It didn't cost me a dime because I was able to find everything I needed in my fabric stash (and scrap pile in the case of today's pieces)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Child's Pirate Boots

Halloween Costume Series #4

Pirate "Boots"

They say the shoes make the outfit, so I couldn't do a pirate costume without making the boots, right?  

If you have been following this series, you will know that I have been making my 3 year old Sweetheart his halloween costume and I've dedicated myself to not spending any money on the project, because I actually have everything I need in my fabric stash.  These cute boots are no exception.  I bought the black vinyl probably around 5 years ago from the remnants bin of the fabric store intending to make a bag or something with it.  All this time it's been sitting in a box rolled up with the price label still on it.  But now at least part of it will be little boots. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Child's Pirate Pants

Halloween Costume Series #3

DIY Child's Pirate Pants

As I wrote in my last post, my three year old is going to be a pirate for Halloween, and I'm making his entire costume from scraps from my own stash without spending a dime!

These are short pants that hit my little pirate just below the knee.  They have an elastic waist and elastic casing at the cuff.  I made them from a scrap of striped denim.  I bought this fabric about 12 or 13 years ago to make a maxi skirt from a pair of jeans.  Remember that look?  Oh, they were so cool at the time....  Anyway, who'da thunk all these years later the remnants of that project would make my own son's pirate pants?  
Oh, and I forgot to mention in my pirate shirt post that the white muslin I used was leftover from the newborn kimono I made to take my little Sweetheart home from the birth center three and a half years ago. Aww. (FYI, don't bring your newborn home in a long kimono, it gets in the way of the carseat buckles. lol)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Easy Peasy One Piece Child's Pirate Shirt

Halloween Costume Series #2

Easy Peasy One Piece Child's Pirate Shirt

My three year old has a thing for pirates so it was no surprise to me when I asked him what he wanted to be for halloween and he told be he wanted to be a pirate.  This got me pretty excited because I kind of love period costumes.  Of course I also don't have tons of time to spend on something really elaborate, or tons of money for that matter.  After thinking about it and how it would look, and almost buying the needed fabric, it occurred to me that I just might have everything I need in my own fabric stash.  What do you know? After a careful and thoughtful search through my stash, I was able to find ALL the fabric I needed for every part of his costume!  You can't beat FREE; unless you pair it with EASY... which is just what I did. :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY Toddler Truck Costume

Halloween Costume Tutorial Series, #1

DIY Toddler Truck Costume

Last year when my then two year old Sweetheart was really into cars and trucks, I searched the internet for costume ideas and from my searches I combined several images (which I no longer have, as it was way before my blogging days) to come up with a plan to make my little boy a Land Rover costume out of a diaper box I had on hand.  I chose the Land Rover Series 1, because my younger son was going as a lion, and I thought it would be cute if the older one would be "on safari" in his Land Rover.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY Kids' Halloween Costume Series!

Happy Fall!  Don't you just love the brisk morning air and the changing leaves this time of year?  I do.

And now that it's October I am ready to focus my attention on some fun crafting that I wait for all year. Now I'm not a "big fan" of halloween like some people.  I don't do scary at all, and I don't throw a big party or decorate my house, but I do love LOVE to make costumes for my boys and me (my husband usually refuses to dress up *insert sad trombone sound here*).  This year the Sweetheart (3) wants to be a pirate and the Adventurer (2) wants to be a digger.  

I am so excited to make these costumes and I'm just as excited to share my progress here with all the steps that go into it as a tutorial!  How cool it that? 

In the series I'll be sharing how to make the truck costume my Sweetheart wore last year, then a four part tutorial his pirate costume (boots, pants, shirt, and vest), and then my little Adventurer's digger costume (part 1 and part 2).

I hope that you enjoy these tutorials and that they inspire you to get crafty with me!

How do you like them?  What are your kids going to be this year?

An Unscheduled Demo

Just when I thought we were almost done with the dining room, an unscheduled demolition occurred.  

Let me back up.  Over Labor Day weekend we, like many Americans, "celebrated" by taking advantage of an appliance sale.  We measured and remeasured the spaces for our new gas range and new refrigerator.  Then we picked out the appliances that fit the spaces and bought them, taking advantage of the free home delivery and old appliance removal.  A week and a half later, our new kitchen appliances were delivered.  

With a catch.  

You see, we measured and re-measured the space the appliances would end up in... but we failed to even consider the doorways and how wide they needed to be to get the appliances into those spaces.  The very nice delivery guy walked right into my house, measured the kitchen doorway and basically told me there was no way the fridge was getting into my kitchen.  

Did I mention my house was built in 1939?  Now days all the doorways are a standard 30 inches (says my delivery guy).  In '39, people prefered to squeeze into spaces.  Apparently.  This doorway (and at least one other in the house) was 28 inches.  We needed another inch at least to squeeze the fridge in.  The range was no problem, it went right in.  

The delivery guy told me I'd have to return the fridge.  There would be no charge for the delivery and we'd get all our money back, but we needed to pick out something else.  In a flash I remembered walking and walking with my husband down the appliance isles of two different stores and there were only two I liked that fit into the required dimensions in the kitchen, one was out of stock, and one was on the truck parking in front of my house.

I stood there for a moment, eyes bugged out, staring at the delivery guy.  He was looking back at me sympathetically.  In a second flash I made my decision.  We were going to widen the doorway or take out the wall eventually, why not now?  Then the guy could just leave the fridge and we could do a bit of demo and get it into the kitchen later.

The delivery guy suggested I call my husband, which I was just about to tell him I should do - not because he said so....  I talked my idea over with my husband and he agreed.  Why bother looking for a replacement when the one we really want is right here and all we need to do is move up a project we were already planning?  So they took the old fridge and plugged in the new one in the dining room.  

I wasn't expecting my husband to jump on the demo as soon as we were done with dinner that night, but I was so happy that he did.  He removed the molding and then had to cut out the door jam, and right there we gained about two inches.  Enough room to get the fridge though.  It was tight, but it slid right through with the doors open.

my husband cutting off the door jam while the new fridge looks on from the dinning room

And now the dining room, that almost finished room just about ready for it's big reveal, looks once again like a bomb has gone off in it.  

But in happier news the kitchen has finally made its first step in its own redo.  I haven't shown any pictures of the kitchen yet so I thought I would now.

Our kitchen appears to have been last updated in the 1980s or perhaps the early 1990s.  It has very nice custom oak cabinets, laminate stone look tile floors, a plastic drop ceiling with a center yellow florescent light fixture, and "decorative" clear-ish tiles around it with odd red stripes and ugly butterflies.  It looks like they should be lights too, but they aren't.  They are just kind of randomly clear-ish and up there doing their own little thing.  Whatever that is. 

our "lovely" kitchen just after moving in 
plastic drop ceiling


It's update plan includes painting the lower cabinets gray, the uppers white, white subway tiling back splash, removing the drop ceiling, adding crown molding to the tops of the cabinets, getting new butcher block countertops, and doing something - we don't know what yet -  with the floors.  Oh, and there is this lovely '80s trash compactor.  We don't create enough waste to really need trash compacting.  And how hard is it, really, to take the trash out when it gets full?  "Oh geez, I'm so tired I can't take out the trash tonight.  It's a good thing I spent $200 on this weird appliance that's super loud, takes up valuable real-estate in my kitchen, and squishes my trash a little smaller so I can take it out tomorrow instead," said nobody since about 1992.  So we will be saying "see ya" to the compactor and filling the space with a moveable kitchen island.  The idea (like all my ideas these days, it seems) came from Pinterest.  Here is the inspiration for the island.

Pretty cool, huh?