Friday, November 9, 2012

Advent Calendar

It was snowing this week outside the Little Stone Cape.  Now I'm in the mood for a craft post about Christmas. So I'll just sit here with my hot chocolate tell you about my first Christmas craft of the season. :)

When I was a little girl my Grandma made an Advent  calendar for my brothers and me.  It was a big felt Christmas tree covered in pieces of Velcro stitched to a white fabric backdrop.  20 pockets (for days 5-25 of December) were sewn to the  bottom holding 20 machine stitched ornaments backed with Velcro.  The ornaments were made from fabric that was printed with little toys and Christmas ornaments.  My grandma cut out 20 of the little pictures, made little batting filled squares using red thread and a zig zag stitch, and sewed them to the velcro pieces.  She sewed binding made from the same fabric around the edges of the hanging.  For a finishing touch she wrote out "Merry Christmas" with my brothers' and my names in green and red marker on the white fabric next to the tree.

We treasured this calendar as children.  When I was still a little girl and already had a taste for crafting and sewing I told myself that I would make one very much like it one day for my children.  Many years later, when most of us were married and some of us were having children of our own, our mother, who is herself a crafter, decided to make similar calendars for her grandchildren. But when it was my turn to start my family, I told my mother I intended to do it myself.  No surprise there, she figured I'd say that.

So I've been sitting on the idea for 3 Christmases now.  Last year (too late to finish before Christmastime, unfortunately) I found this fantastic sew along by homemade by jill  on Pinterest and I just loved it so much.  Click here to see what I'm talking about.  Not only did it remind me of the one my grandma made for us, but it had a lot of handmade extras that are really up my ally.  All those handmade felt ornaments?  Ooh, ooh, ooh!  That's so me!!  Check out these pictures of the felt stockings I made my boys when they were each babies.

Their names are stitched on the cuffs, so I blanked them out.

See what I mean?  Felt and embroidery kind of already have a special place in my heart, especially at Christmastime.

So this month, the felt and embroidery floss are coming out!  And I'm making my boys an Advent calendar that will hopefully be as meaningful to them as mine was to my brothers and me.

Here are some shots of the pieces I have made so far.

I have nine more to go (to make 25), as well as the actual hanging which will be white felt with a green felt tree, white pockets embroidered with the dates 1 - 25, and in homage to the Advent calendar that inspired it, "Merry Christmas" and my boy's names embroidered in red and green.  


  1. My dear granddaughter, you just brought tears of happiness to my old eyes. I remember when I made your calender and thought it looked SO homemade, but the your mom said it was supposed to look that way. I am so proud of your skills and truly look forward to seeing the calender you make for my great grand sons. I know it will be stunning and treasured by them. Thank you for the joy you have added to my life these many years. I love you dear one.

    1. I will always love that calendar! I can't wait for you to see my finished homage to it. I love you too.