Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Finished Advent Calendar

Well, I've been hard at work in the spare moments I have throughout the day.  It helped that my husband took a five day weekend for Thanksgiving.  Just yesterday morning I finished the last bit and with two days until December to boot.
So here it is!

24 little ornaments, 24 little pockets, 24 little buttons, one big tree, and a lot blanket stitches.  I'm very happy with it.

And as a nod to the calendar my grandma made my brothers and me when we were little, I embroidered "Merry Christmas" with my boys' names at the top. 

Even with all that hand work, it was the buttons that really killed me.  I hate sewing buttons.      

Here are the last few ornaments I made.

I think the boys are going to really love this for years to come.  Do you have any special traditions that help get your family ready for Christmas?


  1. You did a beautiful work. Your granny is proud.

  2. Your Advent calendar is great! You obviously paid close attention to the details. The Little Men are blessed to have such a creative and caring mama.