Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We Are Thankful

With Thanksgiving just two days away I thought I'd write about how we are instilling thankfulness in the hearts of our sons.  Even though they are very young, the Sweetheart is 3.5 and the Adventurer is 2, we feel there are always ways to teach children to be thankful.  Thank you is not just something you say when someone hands you a cookie.  And thankfulness is not just something to reflect on one day a year.  But both of these are starting points for talking to very young children about how blessed they are.

Among the many ways I have been teaching my boys about thankfulness, blessings, giving, and compassion this holiday season is our thankful leaves.  It is my take on the trees so many families do with their children.  Instead of making a big tree our leaves are just falling through the air.  I cut out 44 leaves from yellow, red, and orange construction paper.  One leaf for each boy from November 1 through November 22 (Thanksgiving Day).  Everyday I ask each boy what he is thankful for and he tells me.  I write it on a leaf with his name and the date and tape it to the glass storm door.  It's decoration for everyone outside and a reminder to be thankful for our blessings to us inside.

And we have been very blessed this year.  The day before Thanksgiving last year we received and offer on our townhouse.  In December we put an offer on our Little Stone Cape.  Both sales closed in February of this year and we moved into and began fixing up our new home.  My husband has been promoted twice at work this year.  We were able to take an excellent family vacation.  Despite the worries we have, we have been immeasurably blessed this year.

Advent Calendar Update

I've been hard at work on my calendar this week.  I find it amusing that when I pinned this project on Pinterest in July (8 months after seeing it the first time and making a mental note to do it) I wrote in the description "So I'm thinking that if I start now and do one ornament a week, I can have this done by Christmastime without killing myself."  And then… I started the first week in November.  And here I am with 9 days until December killing myself to get it done.  Oh, I don't know myself at all. LOL.

Here is the hanging

And the newest ornaments

6 more to go

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  1. You are doing a great job girl :) keep up the good work. Actually you are just like your granny, wait until the last minute. love your take on the leaves. Remember the millions of leaves we had in yard?