Saturday, January 12, 2013

Handmade Holidays

Happy New Year to you!

A bit late, I know, but since this is my first post of the new year I had to throw it in there!

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas.  We sure did.  As you might tell from my lack of posting, it was a busy one for our little family.  All the same I managed to get some crafting in.  I swear there is something about the holidays that puts me into super crafting overdrive.  Even this year when I was really trying to make it easy on myself in the homemade gifts department I couldn't stay away from my craft room or my fabric store.

I started off with an idea to make my boys Go Diego Go! Rescue Packs.  I was planning on buying one for my two year old, but when I learned that my 3 year old really wanted one too, I thought I'd save money and make them.  I even started to make a pattern to share with you fine people of the interwebz. But when it got a little crazy I couldn't follow through with that idea.  The packs where a lot to take on by themselves, especially at Christmas.  So maybe sometime if I get enough interest and feedback I'll get that pattern out... just not now.

I also planned from the beginning to make my 3 year old a dinosaur plush.  He had been wanting to take his plastic stegosaurus to bed with him but as it wasn't a super comfortable option I had the bright idea of making a soft and squishy version.  I couldn't find a pattern for a stegosaurus I really liked so I decided to make my own pattern.  It turned out pretty good... but I realized why I couldn't find a pattern that really looked like a stegosaurus... because it's freaking hard to make one!  I like the one I made even if it's head is too big and round and it's a little on the chunky side.  My Sweatheart loves it.

And here's a spur of the moment gift I made for my 2 year old.  He discovered Shaun the Sheep on Netflix a few weeks before Christmas and fell instantly in love with the sheep he and his brother call Shaum.  Have you seen this show?  Look it up, it's super funny.  So I was thinking of sewing a Shaun plush, when I found this pattern from Chelsea Anne Design on Etsy.  How perfect to make a knit sheep?!  It didn't take a very long time to make, so even though it was knitted in the round on double pointed needles, it wasn't too bad.  And it's a fantastic likeness of Shaun!  My Adventurer was thrilled.

The next little gem wasn't a gift, but a toy/decoration for all of us.  I think I might be the most proud of this craft of everything I made this season... well, next to the Advent Calendar.  I had been looking for a Nativity set for my family for a couple of years.  I wanted one that was pretty, but not fussy, one that my boys could play with without it being too plasticy and toy-like.  I saw several images for a puzzle nativity online but it seemed that the pattern to make it was out of print, and honestly I wasn't really keen on the idea of learning to use a scroll saw anyway (shocking, I know... maybe next year, lol).  When I found this adorable version of the puzzle nativity by Little Sister's Crafts on Etsy, I fell in love.  The unfinished version only cost $25 before shipping (though she also has gorgeous hand painted and finished versions for sale).  A couple of weeks later I got to work on painting the pieces.  I sat at my kitchen table all day one Saturday in my PJs completely engrossed in the project.  My sweet husband was kind enough to realize I was "in the zone" and took care of everything else.  Of all my crafting loves, drawing and painting are by far my favorites - art is my first love.  

The boys very much enjoyed this set, even if the puzzle is too difficult for them right now.  They loved setting up the scene and playing with the animals.  And my 2 year old even named the sheep "Shaum," surprise, surprise.  It turned out so beautiful I  couldn't keep my hands off it!

But hey, I can't take all the credit for this season's beautiful handmade gifts.  My mom makes us gifts every year.  Yet again she wowed us, this time with some fantastic home sewn pieces.  She made my boys each a soft and adorable animal hat.  I got a beautiful retro apron, and my husband got a man apron too - a "mapron" (don't give me that look, I'm cool).  Way to go, Mom!  We love them!!  And what makes her even more amazing?  She has 4 sons, 4 daughters-in-law, and 7 grandchildren that she made similar gifts for - not including my little family!  Did I mention she does this every year?  Now you know where I get it.  The disease is genetic.

On to the New Year!

Next month we will have been in our new house for a whole year!  So many projects still to get to, I think the master bedroom might be next on our to do list.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Wonderful handmade gift! I know a certain little 4 year old who neeeeds a Shaun the Sheep. (Time for mommy to improve her knitting skills.)