Monday, April 15, 2013

A "Wild Thing" Party and A Big Announcement

Ok.  It's been a nice long while since I posted here.  But I haven't been slacking, on the contrary, I've been incredibly busy.  Around the time I made my last post (has it really been three months?), I started on a truly enormous family project.  More about that later.

Before I get to that I wanted to give a big Happy Birthday to my now four year old Sweetheart!  I cannot believe that only four years ago I was holding him as a tiny bundle in my arms for the first time ever!

Here is my now four year old, when he was only 6 days old!
His birthday party, like all parties around here, was pretty small.  It was just family and a couple friends.  However I love themed birthday parties, and this one was no exception.  We chose "Where the Wild Things Are" as the theme for the party.  My son loves the book and has it pretty much memorized.  He often gets mad when he asks to read it and I actually start reading instead of him. Heaven forbid I help him when he forgets the next line! :)

I spent several days sewing up a "Max" costume for my Sweetheart.  It is a white jumper that buttons up in the front, with pointy wolf ears, and a fluffy wolf tail.  He wore it with a paper crown and looked so adorable!  My little "king of all the Wild Things!"

So for the party I kept the activities pretty light.  Just a bunch of boys (and one girl) playing with our toys, and then after a while I broke out a craft.  We all made "Wild Thing" masks.  My little niece actually walked up to me in the middle of the boys' "wild rumpus" and said, "Aunt Deborah, I heard there was a craft?" Oh, it must be nice to have a girl! ;)

Even the adults enjoyed making masks.  We had construction paper, markers, feathers, pipe cleaners, and paper plates.  I was wondering if a craft project at a four year old boy's party would be a complete flop, but I was happy with the results.  Not all the kids loved it, but most of them did, and almost everyone participated.  

Later we sang Happy Birthday, and ate cake and ice cream.  My son specifically asked for a chocolate cake.  But since I was also using chocolate icing, I did a marble cake.  I've never really been a chocolate cake kinda girl.  I decorated it with green "grass," to make it a little wild, and added a happy birthday message.  

It was about that time that I realized that I forgot to take any pictures of the decorations!  I decorated the dining room window, where I had the snacks laid out, with tissue pompom "trees" and streamers. 

 I put quotes from the book in dollar store frames and put them around the room.

This one was with the "forest" decorations.

This one was with the food.
I had this one on the table with our mask craft project.  I drew the little Wild Thing myself.  (Our printer just ran out of ink the day before, good thing Mommy is an artist)
We had a very good afternoon and my son was happy so I'd say it was definitely a success.  Ever since, my two-year-old has been begging for a birthday.  How do you explain 6 months to a toddler?  Oh my.  It's going to be a long summer.

In other news...

Speaking of long summers, let me get back to my big family project and the reason for my extended hiatus.  Come early fall, we are expecting our third new baby!  That's the big "project" I've been working on. :) 

It nearly wiped me completely out January - March.  Bloging was not on my radar, but I mean, cooking and cleaning weren't either exactly.  My sweet and amazing husband really stepped up to the plate.  I am SO blessed to have such a caring guy looking out for our little family.

All spring and summer I'll be growing a baby.  I have so many baby related projects in the wings.  I hope I get a few of them up here to help out some of you like-minded crafters.  I'm most looking forward to decorating the nursery - even though it means I have to say goodbye to my sewing room.  But with a little work, it will merely be relocated to the basement.

My little guys are very excited about the baby growing in Mommy's tummy. Surprisingly, my two year old is the most excited.  He tells me he loves the baby, and kisses my belly (even though there isn't much of one yet), and hilariously puts little toys under my shirt so the baby can play with them.  Did I mention he's two?  My four year old is excited too, but I think he forgets about the baby more often than not.  Not his little brother.  He other day we decided to go for a family walk, and he lifted up and shirt and said,"Baby, you want go walk?"  When he asks when the baby is coming out, I say, "After your birthday."  I'm not helping myself in any way, am I? LOL

Quotes and ideas from this post were taken from "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak.  It's a fantastic book, if you haven't read it, please check it out from your local library! :)

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