Thursday, May 23, 2013

One Great Week

Last week was such a wonderful week for us.  We had one delightful thing to look forward to after another.  I love weeks like these because they help to ease some of the stress and strain of everyday life.  And a lady with four and two year old boys (five month pregnant, might I add) needs a little stress and strain eased.

It started with a visit to my parents for Mother's Day weekend.  There aren't many people who can claim to have been raised by superheroes.  I guess I can't really either, but my parents are super and a lot of people right now think of them as heroes.  They are temporarily living on the Bay in North Jersey helping to rebuild after Super Storm Sandy devastated much of the shore last October.  My dad has donated his time and skills after several  disasters in the past but this time my parents had the opportunity to pitch in full-time and longterm moving several hundred miles to do it.  Aren't they super?

It was a very nice visit.  Mom and I talked and talked.  The boys played rough with Grandpa and his dog.  We spent a chilly and windy several minutes on the beach.  I did let the boys play in the sand longer with Daddy and Grandpa, while Grandma and I ducked back into the car.  And yes, I totally played the pregnant card. 

We visited their Church on Sunday morning, and then went out to lunch.  We stayed until that evening and drove home with two little sleeping boys - the best way to travel with kids. ;) It was a great Mother's Day and I think Mom and I both felt sufficiently honored.

Wednesday held the best event, my 20 week anatomy scan.  The Big Ultrasound, as I call it.  I scheduled it for the last appointment of the day so that my husband could get in nearly a full day's work.  My in-laws showed up to watch the boys and my husband came home soon after.  Then we were off to see Baby.  We told the boys that we were going to get a picture of the baby in my tummy to show them.  My two year old is a little confused that the baby is in my belly, not that it is my belly.  I guess he'll get it in four months, right? ;)

You know that moment when you catch your first glimpse of your new baby on the screen and they actually look like a baby this time and not a bean or a gummy bear?  That moment when suddenly all you want to do is reach through the screen and snuggle that tiny little baby?  Yeah.  I had one of those moments.  It was wonderful.  The baby checked out just right and we took home our adorable black and white see-through-baby pictures home for our boys to ogle.  

I think Baby looks like a mix between my two boys, my mother-in-law says it looks like every other sonogram she's seen.  Maybe it takes a mother's eye to notice those tiny details.  Maybe I'm crazy.

Then there was one more unexpected but wonderful surprise that put this week over the top.  As my husband got out of the car before we went to The Big Ultrasound, he was on the  phone with the contractor that was scheduled to instal our backyard fence a week later.  He was asking if it would be ok to instal the next day instead.  Um.  yeah.  That's fantastic!  I can't tell you how much I've been wanting that fence.  Corralling my boys, trying to keep them in the yard and not running down one of our two sidewalks (in opposite directions, of course) is not my idea of a leisurely afternoon outdoors but the boys do spend a lot of time out there, so a fence was high on my list of priorities.

They finished by 11 am and I sat back in my patio chair (I think we could use a patio next) and just watched play happen.  We just fenced in one side of the yard.  The other side already has a fence from the neighbor's yard. The back has a retaining wall that drops into the other neighbor's back yard.  We had always intended on growing a hedge along the wall there, so in the meantime my husband put up a wire garden  fence to last a few years until the hedge grows in.  

My little Adventurer keeping an eye out for dragons from atop his "castle"
I have other plans for the yard that include a patio, some kind of shade for the boys to play in - maybe a small tree, but probably also some kind of play structure like a teepee, or large tent.    And, of course a wading pool, and water table.  

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