Friday, June 7, 2013

Camping with the Littles :)

Last weekend we had a wonderful two night camping trip.  My 4 and 2 year old boys were thrilled to get to do this again.  Our last trip was in October and it was a little too cold.  This time the weather was perfect.  The boys had so much dirty, messy, bug finding fun.  I am so glad it went so well because this will probably be our last camping trip of the year as I am now 5 months pregnant (and getting less comfortable), and Baby will be here in the early fall.   

Just wanted to share some pictures from our weekend and show you we do get outside The Little Stone Cape every now and then. ;)
Playing with sticks
Playing with our boys
The many faces of our 2 year old
Getting connected to wildlife
My favorite cell phone pictures.  The bottom middle one is a huge turtle!
I know that people are always curious about camping out with children so small.  I don't have any bright advice because, for my husband and me who have been campers our whole lives, bringing children with us is second nature.  We bring all the usual stuff plus lots of extra clothes and let nature be our play things.  We look for fire wood, build fires, hike, look for wildlife, get really dirty, cook and eat good food, roast marshmallows, stay up late and look at stars, and go to sleep happy as clams.  Simple as can be.

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  1. I love all of your pictures. Your boys look very happy and full of fun. Camping is an adventure so many families don't take time for until their children are older and aren't intrested. Good for you and your hubby.