Friday, November 8, 2013

Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and a Baby Wearing Koala...

Yet another DIY Halloween has come and gone in the Little Stone Cape.  This year I started early, in July actually.  I knew that once the baby came I would have zero time for costumes. Even still I was at my sewing machine making myself crazy on the day of Halloween and I still didn't finish some of the finer details of the boys' costumes.  I only barely barely finished mine!

I decided on my costume first.  I knew that the new baby would be in a sling while we were out trick-or-treating with the boys so I thought and thought about babywearing costumes.  When my second boy was an infant - barely older than this baby on Halloween - I dressed him as a Tootsie Roll in a swaddle wrap I made.  He was SO cute, but unfortunately you couldn't see his costume in the wrap, so you had to take my word for it.  I wanted something this time around that made the wrap part of the costume.  

I searched the web for ideas - but there wasn't a lot out there.  I started to think about animals.  Like a monkey in a tree?  The baby as the monkey, and me as the tree.  But his arms and legs would be tucked in the wrap so he wouldn't make a very good monkey.  How about a snail on a branch?  Snails don't have arms or legs... but they aren't terribly cute either (my husband pointed out).  What snuggly animals are tucked in a pouch hiding their arms and legs?  Aha!  Koalas!  We would be a mommy and baby koala family.

Now for my older boys.  They picked out their own costumes.  My Sweetheart would be Peter Pan and my Adventurer would be Captain Hook.  They did end up changing their minds several times while I was making their costumes but thankfully they were easily swayed back to their original choices.  

I made all three of the boys' costumes without patterns.  The frock coat pattern for the Captain Hook costume was made from a vintage men's pattern I found online and scaled way down to a 2T.  The rest of Peter's and Hook's pieces were made by tracing clothes we already owned.  I took pictures of the whole process and fully intended to make tutorials of each costume and even to make a pattern for the frock coat to share.  But then I had a baby and those tutes never came to be.  At one point I was ahead of the game, though - the baby's footie pajamas I already made into a pattern and tutorial that I posted here back in September. 

So here is how everything turned out!  As you can see my husband couldn't manage to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time so I posted all of the pictures he took!  They are all adorable. :)

Here's a view of baby koala in his pajamas I made just for this costume.  Pure cuteness!

I do promise to make make that frock coat pattern.  It's too cute not to share.

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