Friday, October 9, 2015

Joint Jungle Birthday Party

It has been a while since my last post. My oldest is now 6 and in the first grade, my middle son just turned 5 and the baby just turned two. These last two years have been very busy. I had been blogging in the evenings after my boys were asleep for the most part but this new one threw me for a loop and was never easy to get down and stay asleep so I gave up evenings at the computer for evenings rocking my little guy. Since his birth I am reminded, come September, that I have a blog again when the emails begin tricking in with questions and comments about my costumes. And I tell myself that when things "settle down" I'll start posting patterns again. We have yet to see if that will happen, but right now I have the perfect amount of time to give a little peak into the goings on in my little stone cape cod. 
Last weekend I threw a small family party for my younger two boys who's birthdays are just two days apart.  This post is dedicated to a few in my family who couldn't be there to help us celebrate. Especially my grandma (my boys call her G.G.) who asked to see everything. 
The theme was the jungle since my 5 year old is obsessed with orangutans and my 2 year old can't get enough Curious George! 

Here is the picture I photoshopped for the Facebook invite. The boys liked it. 
This party was very small but I still wanted it to be special for the boys so I decorated and made a fun cake. 

First I painted these photo props I made from a box I had. 

Here they are finished and set up, though as it turned out, they didn't see much action. But they looked cute! 
The cake was a labor of love. Not having any particular expertise in cake decorating my attempts are more about the thought and time that went in and less about the final product. I still try to stretch myself and do something fun. For this cake I baked a tiered cake 
decorated it with a frosting waterfall and two figurines I made out of modeling chocolate.

The figurines were a spur of the moment decision. I looked up how to make modeling chocolate on Pinterest and ran to the store to get the ingredients just before baking the cake. White chocolate melts and a little corn syrup, and I was ready to go! The chocolate was a little temperamental and crumbly. It was the first time I tried it so I'm not sure if it was my technique or the quality of the ingredients or what. It didn't really matter in the end as they turned out cute - not perfect, but perfect for my boys. I made a "George" (and yeah I'm putting that in quotes because he's not exactly a doppelgänger, lol), and what my five year old would call a daddy orangutan complete with cheek flaps and that neck thing the alpha males apparently get. 

I asked the boys (my 5 and 6 year old, that is) what we should have to eat and they said, fruit because that's what apes eat. So, in addition to pizza (because, seriously, food)  we had all kinds of tropical fruit including chocolate covered bananas (which kind of ended up looking like poops o_O). 

My six year old said when he has his birthday - a big cat theme, he says - he wants gazelle because that's what big cats eat. M'k. I don't know where I'd get gazelle. He said I could make a gazelle cake and then he could eat his prey. HAHAHA! Red velvet, right? Or too far??

I decorated with green balloons and streamers to look like a jungle canopy of leaves and vines. Certainly didn't go overboard here but it was a fun effect and the house certainly felt jungle-y. 

The boys very much liked the party especially playing with their cousins. 

Look how adorably cute they are!

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